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I have a defined process for how I like to work. Ideas are gold to me, but the execution is even more important. I follow there three steps:
Ideate. Design. Repeat.


All designs have to start by defining the problem that you are trying to solve. Design is about solving problems, not creating new ones. Once you figure that out, then the fun beigns 


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Design Challenge

Problem:  Recruiters who use LinkedIn have a hard time reaching users who are not currently looking for jobs. They wanted a way that this could be solved through design, to raise engagement.

Solution: While LinkedIn utilized the vertical space, on their web platform, they tended to neglect the horizontal real-estate. I went for a card design, to allow users to browse many options or opportunities at once. Utilizing the entire web canvas gave those passive users more to look at. So highlighting jobs with high fidelity content, and insights are what its like to work at a certain job, would spark more interest. 

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About me

Emerson MciNTYRE

“ I moved to Brooklyn from Silicon Valley and haven’t regretted it since. New York is a great place to be a designer”.

I have a deep passion for Mobile User Interface and User Experience Design. I love designing and shipping products. I love designing and shipping awesome products for my clients. I helped Design UpWord, which one a  ”Best app of 2014” award from Apple. I have worked with companies such as: DirecTV, iHeart Radio, CBSinteractive and many more. I am currently working with an amazing team at ooVoo, with a user base of over 100 million users.

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